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GIS and Aerial Photographs

The Emergency Communication District of Ector County established a digitized county-wide base map in 1988 which was eventually converted into a GIS based shape file map that is used by local government agencies.  In 2002 the District assisted the City of Odessa in developing a GIS platform which was to eventually develop into a City GIS Division.  In 2012 the Division was established and inherited all GIS maintenance activities.  

In cooperation with the City of Odessa’s GIS Division the District maintains the map to include all street center lines and block ranges on a county-wide level.  Additionally in cooperation with the Ector County Commissioners Court and Ector County Appraisal District aerial photography and appraisal parcel information is integrated into the map.

While each agency adds various layers of information as needed for their specific duties, the base map currently resides with the City of Odessa and is accessible through the City of Odessa GIS Division or on-line from their web site.

911 and Maps

One of the primary characteristics of an Enhanced 911 System is the capability to identify the caller’s telephone number and location.  With the technological advances in the late 20th Century in location identification, the use of digital maps within our local communication centers became a standard.  

In 2006, following our first aerial fly over project, aerial photography was installed at the local communication centers to assist law enforcement, fire, and medical services in responding to emergency calls.  In 2012 our aerial photographs improved with higher resolution images and four-sided imagery, allowing dispatch personnel to view any location within our jurisdiction in high resolution from an overhead perspective or one of four side views, granting greater details in regards to response locations.

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